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I was born in the year 1993, in Mon Repos, St. Lucia and I began drawing at a young age, young enough for me not to remember the specific age. I can still remember my primary school days of selling comic drawings for classmates.

I then attended the St. Mary’s College secondary school in 2005. In my 4th year at St. Mary’s college, I developed a passion for drawing, thanks to my art teacher. I began spending all my leisure time drawing. The only talent I possessed when it came to art was graphite pencil drawing. I was introduced to painting during this same year at the school when I won a box of acrylic paints for a joune kweyol(creole day) competition. We hadn’t been taught to paint in class, so I had the box of paints lying around for awhile.

The CXC exam was coming up and I knew that for the art SBAs(self based assessment) I would need to have a medium with color. It was common that all the students would use colored pencil, but I couldn’t bear the pain that using colored pencils brought after long periods of shading. It was then that I took it up on my own and attempted to paint. As like any other beginner, my paintings were very bad. After days of watching video tutorials and works from artist such as Dr. Christopher Cox, I was obsessed with painting. It was this very obsession that made me good at painting a year later. I won the top art student award at the St Mary’s college 2010 graduation ceremony. I was also one of the few art students who painted the new mural for the school under the supervision of our art teacher Ted Sandiford. But I must admit that my painting skills were mainly developed after watching Dr. Christopher Cox’s paintings . Dr. Christopher Cox is my greatest inspiration when it comes to art and he is also a local artist.

Recently, I’ve been trying to expand my skill to other forms of art such as digital art and 2d animation.I have been rapidly improving my skill in 2d animation because of the strong passion I have for it,it is so much fun to bring your thoughts to life and express yourself through animation so others can find joy in it.

That being said, I hope one day that I will be known in my country for my passion for art.

On this blog, as I get better in animating, I will be posting some tutorials.I used Adobe flash for animation for a while but now I am currently using Toon Boom which is a more powerful animation software and also my favourite.

I will also be posting some of my fine art works on this blog and hopefully with the right technology, I will be posting some videos of the process.



  1. eddie

    i would like to talk to you about a work for hire with compensation for your 2d animation!

  2. Hey Ross, great start getting your work online through your blog. Thanks for your kind acknowledgements. Keep it up!!! Chris

    • Thanks Chris. blessings

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